2017 Junior Match Reports

From me a big thank you to all the juniors who took place in the matches this year. I hope you will be ready to show the other teams how much you learned and take more shots from them next year. Also a big thank you to all the mums, dads, grandparents and friends who came to support you. Remember the Holiday Club is underway and we have had 3 new juniors join us. Hope to see more of you.  Carole 4/8/17

Report of the season by Alan Blackley, U25 County manager

The final league table is below.

Congratulations to Papworth, Buckden, Sawtry 1 and Needingworth 1 for making it through to the finals.

The new date and time for the finals is: Sun 27th Aug 12 noon start.

Papworth will play Sawtry 1
Buckden will play Needingworth 1.

This year however I am welcoming any of the bowlers from the other teams/clubs to come along
we will have a drawn triples competition for them to compete in
Therefore we are including all the bowlers in the finals day celebrations.

Final league table (points only)

Papworth                    140 points
Buckden                     138 points
Sawtry 1                      109 points
Needingworth 1             94 points
Huntingdon                    78 points
Needingworth 2              73 points
Sawtry 2                         58 points 
Houghton & Wyton          17 points   

Well done to all clubs for competing. Lessons are learned and progress will be made in future seasons.
Thanks to all clubs who hosted games. Well done to all the ladies and gents involved.

I couldn't do it without you all.


4th Match Day - Saturday 29th July at Sawtry

This time we had the luxury of starting with 4 players, Aidan, Freddie, Evie & Katie for the first game against Huntingdon with Evie and Freddie bowling 6 ends each with the others doing all 12 ends. With Evie unable to compete in the afternoon due to a family celebration (so a big thank you to you and your dad for giving up part of your day) the remaining 3 played Sawtry 2. No change in the overall result but Aidan came up with the shot of the day when he drew his bowl right onto the jack towards the end of the last match. my hand still stings from that High 5! 

3rd Match Day - Saturday 22nd July at Buckden

With Freddie injured at the last minute, Toby, Jack and Katie battled through two tough matches against more experienced bowlers from Needingworth 1 and Papworth. As normal heads never went down despite the scorelines. All good experience.

2nd Match Day - Sunday 11th June at Papworth

A larger contingent of Juniors in their new club shirts turned out for the team with H&W BC stickers on their bowls. 

6 boys & girls from our two local primaries with 5 making their debut after only 1-3 bowls sessions. Everyone played with some mix and match between playing positions, a team consisting of a Triples (in this league we are allowed to exchange players at any time during a match). An old hand Katie Robinson having played on the 13th May after just 2 sessions stepped up to skip in her 2 sessions and showed how well she is starting to understand the game. Both Jack Challinder and Toby Radwell had one session as skip and the other as lead or No. 2. Poppy Cursley, Bea Brown and Evie Mackie played as either lead or No. 2. It was so good to hear the support they gave to each other and they never stopped trying despite being well beaten by Buckden and less so by Sawtry 1. The final scores are irrelevant as they would not reflect the whole teams' desire to give their all.  And finally a big thank you to all the parents who brought the children and stayed to support them.

1st Match Day - Saturday 13th May at Needingworth

We were really stretched to put out a team for this first match day but all we needed was 3 willing Juniors who we found with Freddie Lowe, Aidan Lucking (both Houghton) and Katie Robinson (Wyton on the Hill). The day stayed dry and reasonably warm throughout the playing day.

Half way through, from L to R, Freddie, Aidan & Katie
Our first match was against Papworth, last year's League winners and on average 5 years older. A tough start but I was allowed on the rink to help and our squad did really well. They even held 5 shots on one end until with his last bowl the Papworth skip came in for shot. Our team was a worthy runner up and gained admirers. The Papworth boys predicted that Freddie would become a national Champion one day if he kept up the sport. What an accolade!

Pink & Blue junior bowls of H&W dominated this end before the skips delivered
 After a hotdog and garlic bread lunch the team played Needingworth 2 and again put up a good fight and came second! Aidan went up to skip and showed he has the capacity to steer his team to make the correct shot. Katie scored the winning shot on the last end which put a big smile on her face. What a day to remember as she had never delivered a bowl up the rink before having just had 2 coaching sessions learning the basics about holding the bowl, understanding the bias, rolling through markers and at skittles.

Well done team as it was a tough day with 2 x 12 end matches. Thank you to the mums for your support, Tara, Helen, Nina & Kim. Next match is Saturday 10th June at Papworth, 10.30 start and a two game format yet again. We expect to take a bigger squad next time so that we can rest players as the rules allow us to swap at any time during a match. Spectators very welcome.