HCWBF President's Open Day

On a very windy but dry Tuesday afternoon on the 5th May, 33 members of the HCWBF Executive and county clubs took to the Houghton & Wyton green for the annual President's bowls match. 

Ten teams, predominately triples but a few fours, battled in 2 groups of 5, one for the President and the other for the Deputy, over 3 matches of six ends. To make things 'easy' the rinks were lined with string and the mat and jack were not restricted to the normal one dimension setting. For each match, against a different opponent and on a different rink, each player had to change position. 1 metre lengths of string, calibrated to International Standards, were handed out for measurement as shots only counted when within 1m from the jack. These will become collectors pieces in future! After a tentative start by all as they tackled the rules, the volume of chatter and guffaws increased until the sound of the wind was drowned out. The team with the most shots from each group played a 'sudden death' final which was only resolved by calipers and a County Umpire! Being in the winning team for the President, in fact the actual President, I had to point out that the opposing Deputy President's team's captain, Jenny Dymond, had chosen the rink, end, order of play and then Umpire (who was playing in their group). They were awarded the shot. Jenny it was supposed to be my day!

We then had our meal of salmon, gammon or cheese salad with jacket potato followed by Greta's Sherry Trifle and Rosemary's Exotic Fresh Fruit Salad, again prepared by the famous caterers of H&W Bowls Club. The bar was open and again the happy chatter continued throughout helped by an informal seating plan (no Top Table) which fitted the occasion.

As the President I would like to thank everyone who made my Open Day special, from my own club who turned out in numbers to set up the green, bar and prepare the food to all members of HCWBF who came to join in this celebratory day especially the banker, my Deputy Jackie. I was given so many lovely gifts and cards from the clubs and I can't thank people enough. Truly a special day and week when I add in the Church Service.

More photos in the Photo Gallery, taken by Rob.

report by Carole Hickey, 6 May 2015